I’m taking a youth ministry class this semester. I love taking these courses, because we always have great discussions. This is why I read the book, “Bruchko.” We had an assignment this week to go out and find out what “bad news” is for teenagers. If we believe that Jesus is the Good News, then we need to understand what is bad news for the teens that we are trying to reach out to. The top 3 “bad news” categories I found were; lack of purpose in life, a sense of guilt; and uncertainty about the future. Of course boredom was mentioned a majority of the time, but this one I expected. But here is the question, if that is the bad news, how can Jesus be the good news? How do we share Jesus, the Good News, effectively.

Effectively, considering this definition of evangelism… “the presentation of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit in such ways that people are led to accept him as Savior and follow Him as Lord within the fellowship of church.”

I’m struggline right now, because the more I study evangelism and think about reaching out to people that are not at church, the more I get nervous and upset. So much of youth ministry is not reaching the lost, but keeping the kids that are in church, in church. I almost feel like I am going to have two ministries… one for those in the church and another for those outside the church. There has to be a way to create an environment that is open to “different” people.

So, what to do… we’re just about done writing a new curriculum for our middle schoolers… that I hope will create a more healthy, accepting, supportive, and open group. That’s our prayer. This is our first attempt at writing our own stuff… I have had some great help with this… Jason, Chris, Anne. Pray for us as we take it from paper to lives.


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