I started another book lastnight called “Fearless Faith.” It takes a look at the prayer of Jesus, when he asks the Father, “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.”

I am just beginning, but it does seem to be a good book so far, I don’t think it will be a best seller, too pushy, too counter US Christian culture. We’ll see though.

Well, I got a call today from a brother n law of a girl, let’s call her Jenny, that came to Christ about a year ago. He and his wife a splitt’n up and he wants to come and talk to me. He saw a change in Jenny and wants to have a change in his life. He is really angry… and he’s tired of that in his life.

We’re gonna meet on Tuesday… I’m a bit nervous, not being a marriage counselor or anything like that… but I know that God is the answer. He’s the only one who can change his life. I pray he is open to the words I share with him. I want him to accept Christ as his savior, because I know then that God can begin to change him from the inside. I know that is the answer, but man, I’m used to working with youth, not adults. God help me.

Being in ministry is a crazy thing… the world is so hurting and it kills me… my heart breaks for people who desperately try to find love and acceptance in so many places, and I wish I could just scream, “IT’S RIGHT HERE!!!”

If you read this thing pray for him, that he may see God as his solution. The answer to his pain, anger, and future.


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