Good day today! I met with a person this morning and it went so good. It is awesome to see God work. Anyway, we met at Starbucks (which makes for a great day by itself) and talked about his life. Like I said yesterday, it breaks my heart to hear the life stories of people in our world. The coolest thing is that Jesus can re-direct our paths, He can give us a new future, we don’t have to accept the path that our families have laid out before us. After sharing with him that he didn’t have to live with the guilt, anger, depression, but that Jesus could give him hope, peace, joy…. he could trade in his old life for a new one… he just laid back in his chair and said “that’s what I want,” looking up like he was dreaming about what that would be like. He said, “I want it now”, he didn’t want his old life anymore.

How cool is that! Man I didn’t do anything, God was so working it out in his life. We went up to the church, he was baptized, and now he’s on his way, with Jesus as his guide. Man it was a good day.

Tomorrow I’m gonna meet with his wife… we’re gonna talk about life again. I covet your prayers. I pray that God is working in her life as well… and that together focusing on God first they can take steps to improving their marriage.

I look back at what I said yesterday and think, man ministry is hard, but it can be good too, incredible. I guess ministry is like life. Good and bad days.


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