Well a pretty good weekend. We had another baptism this weekend… pretty sweet. Still working with my buddy Vito. Pray for him if you get a chance, he and his wife are struggling… but he is staying strong in his new faith. We meet again tomorrow. This Wednesday we say goodbye to a long time family, the Jones,’ of Westside. Not sure why they are really moving. Anyway, Jim has been involved in a majority of the kids lives by teaching Sunday School for so long… and he shared with all the yoots and he did great and I think he did a real good job hitting home with the kiddos.

Fabulous 13 was this past weekend and although I enjoy hanging out with the kiddos, youth rallies pretty much suck and I don’t like them. So guess what we’re going on another one this April to Alb. NM. Hopefully it will be a good weekend. The only reason I’m pretty much open to them this year is we are trying to build up some community within our group. We have had a pretty crazy year of transition and have a pretty new group of kids so we are trying to get them to spend some time together to build some new relationships. We’ll see.

Well we have a lovely garage sale this weekend to raise some cash for our mission trip. We’re head’n to Tijuana again this spring and taking 14 people. This will be our biggest core group of people to go on a trip. I’m looking forward to what God will do with us.

Alrighty then… I’m outta here… God Bless!


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  1. Steve,
    Where are the Jones’ moving to? I know that has to be a bummer for you. Let me know…

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