Oh What Success!

That’s right… today was a great day in the Jolly Family. What is it you say that could be so great? Well let me tell you… are you ready? I have taken down our Christmas lights, and February isn’t even over yet…. okay now that you have gotten back into your seats from falling over in utter shock, I will continue.

Now for some of you this may seem like a rather boring entry, but for us, this is big news. I had fallen into a deep sense of guilt over the sin of leaving up my Christmas lights the entire year of 2004, yes that’s right, I broke every rule of modern Christmas light hanging etiquette. The guilt had become so great that I hung my head everytime I stepped out my front door. I couldn’t bare the pain of looking up and seeing those lights hanging there. It was so bad indeed that the other houses began mocking my poor little house.

But it came upon a mid-saturday clear that I saw the lights anew and was moved with deep compassion and mustered just enough might to scale my extension ladder and brave the dangerous slops of my roof to save my Christmas lights from anymore embarrasment.

They are now safely tucked away in a rubbermaid container in the garage where they will dwell in safety the remainder of this great year, until again they will be brought out to show their glory to all who pass by.

And now the Jolly family can again look into the eyes of our neighbors without shame. We have broken the great curse of Christmas light blasphemy. Thank you for your prayers, concern, and constant encouragement during this difficult time. Without you who knows how long those poor lights might have hung there in humiliation.

God bless you and yours forever for your care.


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  1. Wow the streak is over..how are people goin to find your house now!!!

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