Well we’ve had a great weekend!

Middle School boys are great… sometimes (okay a lot of times) frustrating, but great. I love to see it when things start to click. You can see light bulbs starting to show a small glimmer of light as they start to get it. We’ve had a problem with our high schoolers getting negative, lack of interest in church and eachother. They just sit back and watch their friends dive deep into crap that is just well just destructive and say little to them about it.

My stomach is sick. I wonder if I failed. I wonder how often this happens? I don’t want to see half my students fall off the wagon and choose a life, if that is what you can call it, that brings them, their family, and their friends pain. I also don’t want luke warn followers of Christ… who knows what is worse.

We’re trying to build up in our middle school group a sincere desire to care for each other. A care, a vulnerability, a love for eachother that will help hold them together through the years. I want them to love Jesus so much. Youth Ministry is not an easy job. It is no 9-5 job that you can just check out of…



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