Bar Stools

About three weeks ago, I went on over to Target and picked up a wood bar stool. I love that stool. You know its just like any other bar stool, there were a lot to choose from there at Target. But I still love this one… I’ll get back to this…

… I just finished my sermon for a preaching class that I took this semester. Was the class good? I’m not sure that I would say that it was good. I went into this class, “Advanced Preaching”, hoping that I’d learn a lot. Well, I didn’t learn much about preaching. I have become more comfortable standing up in front of people than I was in the past… I guess that’s good. I have a sermon all ready the next time Howard goes out of town and I need to fill in. But I guess what I learned the most is why I don’t really like preaching. It used to be without a shadow of a doubt that I was afraid of it. I didn’t and really still don’t like being up in the front of a large crowd. Can I do it now, yep, am I comfortable, well for the most part, but what I learned about preaching is that I don’t like it because there doesn’t seem to be much interaction, yeah there is two way communication going on, but I don’t get the interaction that I see so often in the life of Jesus.

… back to my stool… I love it… because it’s in the youth room, and there, I get to sit on that stool and talk with teenagers. I get to interact with them while we interact with the Bible. We get to talk and listen to each other. I get to see them struggle with the teachings of Jesus, and I get to see the lights come on too. Easy? Hardly. Surprising? Always. Fulfilling? Definately.

I guess it isn’t the bar stool after all… it could be a comfortable couch at Starbucks, or sitting at a table at Sonic while sipp’n a Cherry Limeade. I guess it’s the interaction, the conversation,the relationship. Iguess it doesn’t even have to be teenagers, I guess it can be anyone.

Next time your in the area, let’s go out for a drink.


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