Eye For Eye?

Last week, I finally got to preach on my Eye for and Eye sermon. I probably struggled with this sermon more than any other I have preached or prepared.

I read all the commentaries, a couple extra books written about the sermon on the mount, and I believed that I had a handle on what Jesus was trying to tell his listeners, even what he was trying to tell me. That I think is the easiest part of the preparation.

Crafting the sermon into a message that will convince, motivate, or encourage listners to make a change in their own life is where I struggle. Sometimes what Jesus asks us to do or think isn’t really that easy to do. Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense in our life situation.

That is why I think it took me so long to write this sermon. What God was asking us to do, makes absolutely no sense in our current world situation. To do what Jesus asks us to do in his sermon on the mount is crazy.

Part of that appeals to me, because sometimes I like to see people squirm a little bit with what Jesus asks. Is that weird? Wrong?

I don’t know… do you think Jesus liked people to struggle with his ideas, thoughts, teachings?

I struggle, man what he asks me to do in Matthew 5:38-42. Take a hit, give more than I have to, do more than I’m expected, and give even to those who don’t deserve it. Whoooh, that goes against pretty much every natural instinct I think is in my body.

Man, that sure sounds like what Jesus did for me…


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