Still At The Well

Still digg’n around this old story… I’m not really sure why it has me, but it does.

My observation this time around has to do with the reason why Jesus wants to bring to light what is going on in this woman’s life. (I haven’t read any commentaries yet, so maybe the answer is already there) I don’t really believe he is trying to slam her, he isn’t trying to shame her, that doesn’t seem to be his style with people… atleast people other than the religious leaders. So why, why does he want her to be open, honest, transparent, why does he want to bring up the fact that she has had 5 husbands and one more?

Here’s my question / observation / what I’m struggling with… “true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and Truth, for they are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks.”

Now I have always heard this passage thrown around when someone is trying to shoot down a particular “style” of worship, or a particular “system/format”. I’ve also heard it when someone is trying to defend a way we have to follow when worshipping… but is that what Jesus was doing here?

How is “spirit and truth” tied into the situation at hand… what does it have to do with the woman? Why does he say that to her, and what is he saying to us?

What kind of worshippers is the Father seeking? Those who worship “in spirit and truth.”

Okay… maybe I’m way off, but “truth” as it appears to me in this situation, has to do more with what has just happened to this woman than with a particular “style” of worship. To me it seems she has come face to face with what the “truth” is in her life before a holy God.

Is it that, “true” worship can only occur when we have to looked in deep and honestly at our lives, the most ugly parts, and upon realization of that truth before an awesome God, we fall before throne and worship.

Is that the kind of “worshippers the Father is seeking”?

How awesome is He that even in our messed up, dirty, sin filled lives, he still wants to come to our world, to our “well” and spend time with us!

Okay, I’m out.


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