Caching In

A few months ago I stumbled upon the new “Sport” of geocaching – finding small caches that are hidden around the world. In order to find these little treasures you need to get yourself a GPS unit and then go online and get the coordinates. Some are easy to find… some are hard, as we quickly found out on our first attempt to find a cache.

For Father’s Day, my wonderful wife and kids got me a GPS unit and up until now it has been sitting on a shelf waiting for me to finish up school… well, I couldn’t wait, I need to us it, it was calling my name. So yesterday a few friends mine began our first hunt. Well let’s say that it wasn’t exactly successful. Of course we started off with a moderately difficult multi-cache (1st cache has second cache coordinates). After multiple attempts at locating the 1st we had to ask for a hint from the cache owner.

With hint provided, the coordinates were easily found and we took the youth group off on the grand adventure into the desert to find the hidden cache. It was a great experience and above is the picture of our first find. We left a few surprises (Diablos Tickets, Necklace, Taco C animal) for the next geocacher and we enjoyed a new wallet, Susan B. Anthony coin, and bouncing ball.

Many more adventures await us, and we are planning on planting a few of our own caches in the near future.

Happy Caching.


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  1. Where’s the navigator of this little expedition? No props for the navigator? Sheesh, at least I got a bouncy ball out of it. hehe
    That was a bunch of fun dude, can’t wait to hunt for some more.

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