Is there anything better than tucking your child into bed… I love being a Dad!

(Okay after posting that, I noticed that it says 1:06 in the morning… no my kids aren’t up that late… so here I am justifying my actions (I can’t have any, “what a terrible parent,” comments… “what is he doing keeping his kids up that late”) …I went in to check on them and tucked them back into bed… my boy was on the floor with his pillow. He was so at peace with me just holding him. Wow… how awesome.)

Anyway, about time I climb under the covers too. Buenas Noches… I think that is the first time I’ve blogged in Spanish… how exciting… now you know it’s late, I’m getting excited about saying goodnight in Spanish. It really is time for bed.



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  1. i can use more spanish hthan u!!!jk probly not. im only in spanish 2, but i do now a lot.

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