Kin to Nemo

Well our winged friend decided to come a day early… isn’t that just like kids… I can tell this is going to be a stuborned one.

We were a bit nervous when we received our package with our little chrysalis inside… it appeared to have been slightly damaged. The chrysalis had, well, dent in the side… much like Nemo’s little egg.

But it continued to progress as normal. Well as we had presumed there was some damage done to our little guy. One wing was is slightly underdeveloped as you can see in the pictures that follow. It has improved a little bit as the hours passed, but I’m not too sure it will be normal.

So we’re in search of a good flower garden where we can transplant our little guy since I’m not sure he (or she) is gonna be able to fly to find food.

And it’s pouring down rain and windy today so we’re gonna hold off to set our little guy free.

Thanks for taking this little journey with us… it has been fun for us, I hope it was for you too!

Just before he emerges from his chrysalis

There he goes, one wing out… the damaged one is a bit more difficult

All the way out and hanging from it’s perch… you can see the underdeveloped wing

Here is the good side… it’s amazing that all that came out of the little chrysalis

Wings extended, you can see the difference between the two wings. It’s an amazing process to see it go from a small cocoon into a beautiful butterfly.


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  1. Hope he does OK, he’s a good looker, try him on some Buddlea or Sedum Spectabile, they seem to like that.

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