I think I blew it?

Youth ministry isn’t always easy… well, I’m pretty sure ministry whether youth, adult, outreach, pulpit, etc, etc. wouldn’t fall under the category of easy.

Anyway… last Sunday morning in class I was presenting a lesson that for some reason didn’t connect. I thought it was relevant, but for some reason the students didn’t really want to take it serious. I felt like they needed to look at some questions. We were looking at the life of Joseph and how he had this dream about his future, but he was stuck in all these situations that didn’t fit with the dream.

We talked about how frustrating it can be living life without being able to see the big picture, like God can.

Anyway… it didn’t seem to connect. So as we were closing up class I told them that I thought they were avoiding going deeper when they really struggled with some of these issues.

As I write it doesn’t seem to sound as bad as it did to me after the fact.

I guess what I want to know, is it okay to call kids on their lack of desire to go deeper and address real frustrations with God and life? They come voluntarily, should we push that hard? Should we continue to preach/teach/demostrate the love of Christ and allow him to work (I know we should) but is it ok to do a little pushing ourselves.

I don’t know I went away frustrated, sad, confused, doubting. BLAH.

Anyway. later.


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