To Preach or Not To Preach… I don’t have a choice

The role of preaching in my mind is so much more than just giving a speech. I believe it is a calling. I believe some people have a incredible gift to share the hope, joy, and love expressed in the Bible.

So what to do when you don’t love to preach, when you don’t feel called to preach, when the last place you would like to be is standing in front of a hundred plus people, but have no choice, because it is a part of your responsibility to fill in when the regular preacher is out?

This is something I have struggled with for the longest time… 4 plus years to be exact… I nearly didn’t come on staff at a church because of the possibility of preaching.

You see, I enjoy the personal, across the table, over a cup of coffee, kind of interaction. I love sharing the love a Jesus… I love building a home, taking a walk, sharing a meal, kind of communication of the gospel. I believe God has blessed me with that desire.

I’m not too sure there is an answer to this question, distraction, interuption in my life and ministry.

Say a prayer for me if you have a chance… I’m planning on preaching soon.


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  1. I bet that you rock the house when you get the pulpit. I am so glad that you are at Westside and so successful. You are a hero of mine. Thanks for the transparency and vulnerablility you share on this blog. You are the best.

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