Border Youth Fest

2…1… Border Youth Fest!

Hello former, present, and future BYFers. We’ve come a long way in youth rallies I believe. Almost five years ago I wanted to kill BYF. Why, because I don’t much care for youth rallies, because with the “typical” youth rally I have seen very little effect on the lives of the students attending. I know I know, before you go all crazy on me, and tell me you were saved at such and such a youth rally, just chill and realize I know God can still work miracles (yes I do still believe that, even though I have been told otherwise) and work in something that is lame… it’s my prayer everytime I get up to teach.

Well back to the story… After almost killing it, we decided that if we must keep a youth rally that we would change it and make it like no other youth rally. So we decided to take kids across the border to Juarez, raise the price by 5x the previous year (and later 25x). Needless to say our numbers dropped off a bit.

Anyway, we made something really great. Families recieved homes, God used students to impact the world, and I hope that the impact will have a long term effect on at least one persons life.

So here we are at our 4th BYF after the change. We will be staying two nights in Juarez this year… as expected our numbers have dropped some, not a lot, but some.

Please pray for us… I mean really. I want to have an incredible weekend. I want these groups to have the best weekend of their lives. I want them to go home and decide to go and serve in their homes, communities, Mexico, Africa, school, anywhere because of this weekend. So please pray.

Why the long post about BYF, well this is the last. Yes the knife that was spared 4 years ago will now come down, and BYF will only be alive in the hearts of those that have attended over the past 10 years.

A moment of silence….. ….. ……

There… I’m excited about this weekend, I’m excited about the direction we’re moving for next year. (I’ll post more about that later)

Have a wonderful day… God bless you wherever you are.

Here is an awesome verse we looked at tonight in class…

“This is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘In this place, desolate and without men or animals—in all its towns there will again be pastures for shepherds to rest their flocks.” – Jeremiah 33:12

Are you in a bad spot… dark valley… rough time? There is a day coming… Our awesome God will bring the rains… the desert you are in today will again be green. Green pastures, quiet waters, where you can rest with an awesome and loving Shepherd who will guide and comfort you.


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  1. I love your heart, Steve. I also love the fact that BYF has evolved into what it is now. You have the courage and faith that only comes from the Spirit. Thanks. Keep pissin’ people off and “don’t worry about tradition, cause it don’t worry about you.” Yogi Berra said that.

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