A Great Way To Finish

Border Youth Fest has come to an end…

Excited? Yes… 500 people serve across the border, 15 families recieve hope through new homes.
Sad? Yes… something coming to an end is always hard.
Nervous? A bit… Time will only tell if what we set out to do comes to pass… churches going on their own mission trips.

We had a former Westside intern come down and speak for us this year and he did a excellent job, right on target each time he spoke. We got to sit around the campfire and enjoy good company and conversation, while sipping hot chocolate. Amazingly, it was cold enough for both fire and hot chocolate.

What is a Juarez mission trip without rain and wind… well we thought we had escaped, but Saturday night at 10:00pm it arrived. The wind came first chasing young teens into their tents and vans. Brave Westsiders clung to the kitchen tent to keep her from blowing away.

Then the rain… sprinkles all night, and then at 5:30am the thunder, lightening, and showers came down. Needless to say, many tents were put away wet and dirty. We had church standing up, under the kitchen tent.

Well here are the homes that we set out to replace this weekend. These could be the poorest families we have ever built for.

So we spent four years equipping churches to go on their own mission trips… could we keep going, keep BYF alive, sure… but I think it is time for these wonderful churches to step out and go. The decision is theirs… we’re off to a new adventure… that will be my next post.


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