Impact El Paso

One thing left to do and BYF will be a fond memory. Old Blue needs a visit to the ole vintage carwash and then we will close the book on BYF.

What’s next? Impact El Paso/ (not up yet but soon)… yes I hijacked the name from a Houston church, but I don’t think they’ll mind. Next year will be our maiden voyage into the inner-city of El Paso.

My dream… a church established by faithful middle schoolers reaching out to those in need in El Paso. I honestly don’t know where this will head, what it will look like in 5 years, but this is what I’m searching for…

… a neighborhood
… an elementary school
… a warehouse

That’s it. Those three things are all I want to start. Pray for us to find the perfect location, the perfect place to reach out to a small community, and using the small school as our target group.

I want to see a community turned upside down by the awesome, renewing power of God. I want to see middle schoolers start something that will turn Westside upside down.

Help me by praying for a vision from God of what He would like to do… Pray that when He provides that vision that I and those involved will have the courage and faith to follow through. Pray that those who we come into contact with… that we might proclaim the wonderful truth of God clearly and effectively.

Thanks for reading… thanks for praying!


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