David In Saul’s Armor

Famous story of David as he goes out and conquers the giant from the Philistines.

I recently read a comment on verse 38-39 where Saul puts his armor on David and he tries to walk around in them, but they just don’t fit. David has to take it all off and go fight the way he is accustomed to… he can’t do it Saul’s way.

I’m wondering… maybe convicted even a little bit about the way churches seem to try and put on other people’s armor. Even in my youth ministry. I love the idea of the PDYM, it just makes sense to me, I can wrap my small and feeble mind around the idea, but I’m starting to question… Am I just trying to put someone else’s armour on? I’ve only been at this “church” youth ministry stuff for four years… now maybe I’m breaking the average, but I still feel like I’m as green as when I started, and if I’m really being honest, I feel a bit greener than when I started. It might be because I now know what I didn’t know back then… that is I don’t know that much when it comes to ministry to youth.

When that happens, it’s real easy, it’s tempting to go and grab some armor off the wall… ignore the initials on them, “oh this one will fit fine” and try to wrap it around the youth ministry setting I find myself in…

… so here I am, four years into it thinking? Ugh! What’s my armor look like? What does it feel like? What size am I (no comments from the peanut gallery)?

Is it okay to scrap it all, to take off the armor and like David, say… “I can’t go in these.”

How do you find your fit in ministry? Does the youth ministry wear the same armor as big church? What is a lonely youth minister in far west Texas to do?

In some ways I think it’s easier here miles and miles of desert between us and the Bible belt. Not as many “Church of Christ” expectations. And yet difficult too b/c youth ministry support is not great. Not a lot of intra-city cooperation. Who knows… just a vomiting my thoughts onto this thing.


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  1. what is a PDYM and why can’t it work?

  2. PDYM is a youth ministry model… there are probably a 1000 models out there.

    Purpose Driven Youth Ministry by Doug Fields. Youth Pastor with Rick Warren.

    Before I began “church” youth ministry I stopped by the ole Christian bookstore and saw the book picked it up and said yeah that looks right on.

    But what do you think… you don’t have to post anonymously ya know. Should the ministry program, if that’s what you want to call it, follow the youth ministers passion, giftedness, heart?

    Should we find a model and try it out, toss it after a while, try another, another?

  3. Great questions Steve. I have asked these two in my ministry, I finally just got to the point where I said, I am going to do what is organic for my ministry not overthink and overanalyze, just meet our youth culture here where it s and transform it. Just some thoughts from a guy with as many questions as answers, blessings!

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