30 Days of Joy For This Guy

1 more day until the most wonderful time of year… at least for this Jolly man. 30 days of Christmas tunes baby! Starting Friday my lovely Bose will be putting out the sounds of Christmas… sorry Howie. I can’t wait. (Mercy Me has a new Xmas album out)

There are some great memories of this time of year… hanging of the greens at church was great. My dog tipping over the Christmas tree while chasing our cat. Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents house… my grandad tickling me… the only memory I have of him.

My first Thanksgiving (Oregon) and Christmas (Tucson) with Anne… I love the firsts in marriage. Now the Christmas in Tucson was a bit weird… Walking around the zoo in shorts, because, well it was 80 degrees in December there… crazy.

With kids this time of year brings our own traditions. I love decorating for Christmas with my daughter the day after T-day. It’s the beginning of many memories I will cherish with her. Maybe my boy will get into it this year… I’m sure he’ll get into the tree.

I love sitting with my wife in a dark room lit by the Christmas tree lights.

And I love the focus on Jesus… yeah, I know it could and should be more, but it is more than any other time of year and music in nearly every public place sings of the coming King, baby Jesus… I love that.

I hope you all have an incredible Thanksgiving and Christmas! We are truly blessed!


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  1. Steve,

    It’s great to hear that you guys are doing well. I hope that you guys have a great Christmas. I was looking at pictures on the Westside youth ministry website. I can hardly recognize some of the kids.
    We are not enjoying the beauty of Christmas in our house this season. Instead, we have boxes everywhere. We are moving to Abilene in January. When the Lord says move – you move.
    Hope to hear from you guys.
    Tell the family hello from me & Summer.

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