Busy Busy

I’ve been busy making many important decisions this week… what to toss and what not to toss. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m either a closet pack rat, or have an incredible ability to overlook useless things in my presence.

What am I talking about you must be thinking… well, this week I have been cleaning my office at the ole iglesia. It has been interesting what has been hiding in all the cupboards and drawers. I’m still finding stuff from the Rainey days. I’m amazed that there are still things that he had in the office… I’m so embarrassed… however it is good to remember my friend.

I’ve been drilling, redecorating, and tossing. My desk will be gone soon… yep, I’m getting rid of the desk too. I’m doing everything I can to remove all surface areas where junk can find a place to rest. So far it’s going pretty good.

The couch will be moved tomorrow. So far I’ve thrown out about 75 gallons of trash. And there is more to go. I haven’t opened all the cupboards yet. More traces of Rainey are sure to be found.

Anyway, I’m trying to create a more group oriented atmosphere for my office. I’m gonna get a round table where we can discuss, plan, etc. I love having people in my office, but I hate the “office” feeling of it… so I’m gonna make some changes… do some painting and change some lighting.

Oh and if you’re dead or completely oblivious to the world around you… it is that time of year. Bust out the Xmas tunes and enjoy the season. I’m dreaming of a sunny and sandy Christmas… yeah, we’re head’n to the beach… I can’t wait. Oh, some one look after my dogs while were gone?!!! Please.


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  1. Thats funny Steve. Yeah it really is funny to see some of the pictures you have in your office. Anyways I think the office is goin to look nice.

  2. Sunny and sandy Christmas? And you call yourself a christian. Everyone knows it’s supposed to be cold and snowy. Might as well start celebrating Quanza instead.

  3. Ditto on that one, you anonymous person you. Christmas cannot be properly enjoyed unless there is snow, hot beverages, fires and of course toboggans. Ok, that was just an excuse to say the word “tobaggan”. It rolls off the tounge nicely.

    Get working on them football skills dude! Your fourth down converstion ratio leaves much to be desired.

  4. Sorry to know that I still clutter your office. What is funny is that my office is full of junk, too. If you need help, I bet Carpenter could tell you where I kept everything since he liked going through all the drawers and cupboards.

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