Love Songs

Hello my blogg’n friends… I little help for Mr. Jolly would be appreciated this round.

I want to make a cd mix for my wife for February… yeah yeah, I know cheesy middle school stuff… get off me.

What I want from you, what I need from you are a few songs… love songs… that I can put on the cd. I have a few already picked out, but I need to get the rest in the next few weeks.

I’ll even send you the list afterwards and you can make one for your wife for Valentine’s Day.

Here is my cd artwork… do you think it will work? Send the songs soon… thanks!


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  1. I am your man, maybe…

    Something, The Beatles.
    My Love, Bebo Norman.
    In Your Hands, Bebo Norman.
    She’s Got A Way, Billy Joel
    To Make You Feel My Love, Bob Dylan
    Green Eyes, Coldplay.
    Till Kingdom Come, Coldplay
    Better Than Wine, Derek Webb
    Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton
    Miracle, Foo Fighters
    On The Street Where You Live, Harry Connick, Jr.
    A Wink And A Smile, Harry Connick, Jr.
    Never Tear Us Apart, INXS
    Your Body Is A Wonderland, John Mayer
    You And Me, Lifehouse
    Wonderwall, Oasis
    Wild Horses, The Rolling Stones
    With or Without You, U2
    Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own, U2
    All I Want Is You, U2
    The Lonely 1, U2


  2. Sorry, The Lonely 1 is performed by Wilco, not U2.

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