My New Office

After 20+ years of use it was about time my office received an upgrade! It used to have a mix between carpet and wallpaper on this walls that the kids liked to pull off one stran at a time.
Now after a couple weeks of on and off work, my office is near completion. Below you can see what the new office looks like, sadly I didn’t take any before pictures.
I don’t have a “desk” really(the old one is out in the hall looking for a new home), but I am using the small space inbetween my bookshelves. I will be replacing the couch with a couple chairs… soon I hope and finding a round table for discussion. I have eliminated almost all available surface areas so that little or no clutter will finds it way into my office.
Come on by and see me some time… I have candy hidden in my Beavers Cookie Jar for visitors.

As you enter my office…

My newest additions a TV and Frig full of Mtn. Dew

My daughter’s artwork

My son’s artwork

My bookshelves and desk and fish tank

Come back soon!

As you can seen there are still a few little things that need to be cleaned up and put away, but if you could have seen it before this makeover had begun you would see the extreme improvement. I hope you enjoyed, come by again soon.

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  1. The office looks great! I can’t believe it is the same one. That desk was so stinkin’ huge. I am glad it is gone.

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