Game On

Games are a great part of family life. I didn’t really spend much time growing up playing games… our family never had it’s one game that it always played. My brothers and I would play war or speed every now and then, but it wasn’t something that we always did… like Thursday night is game night.

Growing up we were mostly involved in sports… soccer for the most part until high school where we took up swimming and water polo. But this post isn’t about sports it’s about games.

When Anne and I were first married we would play a game that I first learned living in the Beta house back in college.

Cribbage was that game. As we got busier the game went by the wayside. Then with kids there seemed to be less and less time. Our poor cribbage board was set aside and later lost.

Well, not too long ago… actually on our anniversary I went to Wal Mart and made a purchase. I brought home a new board and we revived the old competition. 15 1, 15 2, double run of 3… oh yeah it’s been good.

And most recently my daughter has gotten into the gaming spirit. The days of Chutes and Ladders are gone… although it is sad… we had some intense games.

However this evening my daughter graduated to Uno. Oh yes UNO. We enjoyed our first game this evening before bed. And not only UNO, but Over The Hedge UNO.

It was a fierce competition and I’m a little embarrased to say that she whipped her dad. She hit me with a Draw Four, and followed it up with a barrage of Draw Two’s.

There was no hope… I made a couple good efforts at a comeback, but in the end I took it like a man.

There will be more games… oh yes there will… my time will come.

I enjoy games… I enjoy the fun we have together. It is positive… no TV to zone out to… just time with my family. I look forward to the years ahead. We might just declare Thursday night “GAME NIGHT” at the old homestead. Don’t come calling, Thursday Night is our night. The air will be thick with the intensity of competition.

And in the end the best man, or best little girl will be standing.

What games do you enjoy? Any good memories from childhood? Do you have a game night?


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