Back On The Horse Again

Over the past couple years I have been back and forth to the gym in a never ending attempt to lose some of my stubborn baby fat. I have lost about 50 pounds over the last two years, unfortunately I have managed to go out and find 45 of them.

So off to the gym I go in another attempt to run those babies out for good for the last time… but I have to admit, I’ve never seen this lady at the gym…

Yes, there are plenty of women there putting on a fashion show, but if you look close, if you click on the image, you’ll see she is smiling while working out… the smiling, working out, happy go lucky, kind of woman is one that I have yet to see.

I in fact have yet to reach a level of comfort while working out where I would actually look like I’m enjoying myself… oh yeah there has been a smile, but it is more like a smiling, I’m out of my mind, I can no longer feel my legs kind of help me, smile.

Nevertheless, I’m keeping to my goal… three visits a week to the gym.

Do you workout? Exercise? What do you do to keep your girlie figure?


Posted on May 17, 2006, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I walk everynight for about an hour around my neigborhood. I have lost 40 Pounds doing that and watching what I eat

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