Vacation Bible School

175 children, + 50 workers + 1 pirate + a ton of fun = Vacation Bible School at Westside.

I have never been that involved in VBS… usually the summer months are busy for me. This summer isn’t really that different, but it just worked out that I could be involved this year. It was great. I enjoyed my time… I got to share a different part of me… the pirate side.

It really wasn’t part of the original plan, but it turned out that way. Each year at VBS we encourage the kiddos to bring their change in each day. At the end of the week, we usually have enough to support two little children; one in Kenya and one in Thailand. This year the kids brought in nearly $400. We were very proud of them. I hope the parents don’t mind when they find out their piggy banks have been raided… me little hearties, I learn the ways of the pirate so quickly.

Anyway back to the story… so I said hey, I’ll dress up like a pirate and come out at the end of the day and encourage the kids to bring their change. That changed however, and I ended up leading singing with Steph (a junior in the youth group). Now if y0u know me you know I lack a certain ability to sing let alone lead singing… but my little hearties, they were merciful.

So the week went on and all was well… we had set out in search of treasure… REAL treasure and we found it. God’s love.

We had a wonderful week. People stepped out, people used their gifts, and as a result 175 children were blesssed. If you ask the adults, they would say they were blessed too.


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