Delicias Cafe

On this fine Friday afternoon, I found myself at the Delicias Cafe in search of a down to earth Mexican meal. I have lived right down the street from this little place and yet never noticed it. A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine pointed it out to me and said that he thought it was good; that he and his father had eaten there and enjoyed their meal.

Excited about the potential of having a new lunch spot to enjoy on a regular basis I pointed out the new restaurant to my lovely bride as we passed by earlier this week. In a classic response she stated, “I try to avoid Mexican food restaurants in strip malls.” Now, my wife has had the pleasure of eating some of the best Mexican food in the world. She has spent months on end in Mexico City, Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, Puerto Penasco, a few years in Juarez, and stop or two to Sonora. Considering her vast experience and time in Mexico, I should have heeded her advice, and yet, my stomach and love for new places won out.

So at about 11:42am as my stomach began to remind me of the pending meal. I noticed my friend was online and after inquiring if he had any plans asked if he wanted to join me for lunch. So I went by picked him up and headed for Delicias Cafe.

As we entered I was excited, because there was a large crowd, which is always a good sign. We quickly found our seat and were promptly greeted by our waitress who left us chips and salsa and took our drink orders. Dr. Peppers for both of us and off she went to get our beverages. The salsa was actually pretty good, pretty hot too, which I enjoyed immensely. My young companion didn’t much care for the salsa but enjoyed the average chips.

My friend decided on the Enchiladas, Green (sorry no pictures, but they did look beautiful). I went for the Carne Asada Taco plate. And off our waitress went again.

About five minutes later to my surprise our lovely waitress returned with a nice bowl of Caldo. I told her that I had ordered tacos to which she informed me came with I nice bowl of Caldo de Res. I am not much of a soup guy, but it has been cool and rainy for the past day or two here and a warm bowl of soup sounded good. The caldo was made up of carrots, celery, corn, onion, and few pieces of beef.

This was a wonderful way to begin my meal. If I had to rate the Caldo on a scale of 1 – 10 I would give it a solid 8. Now that is saying something for a non-soup lover.

As I approached the halfway mark in my soup, my tacos arrived. As you can see in the picture it looks quite lovely and I was getting excited because I had enjoyed my caldo so much. The excitment didn’t last however. There were avocados, grilled onions, but upon opening my tacos I realized the tacos were a little light in the carne/meat department.

After examining the interior of my tacos I decided to proceed with hopes that the flavor would be enough to cover for the lack of meat. I asked our waitress if she could bring me some limes. I love to squeeze a little lime juice on my tacos; something I picked up in Tijuana.

So I proceeded to build my taco, a little avocado, a little lime, some grilled onions. Unfortuntely the first bite was enough to tell me this wouldn’t be a regular lunch spot, atleast not for the tacos. I made it through, adding salt to the rest of my three tacos, which made up for the lack of flavor. Did I mention the small amount of meat? Anyway, I powered through the rest of the tacos, ate a little bit of the refried beans which were better tasting than the tacos.

After finishing the rest of my Dr. Pepper we paid and exited Delicias. Reflecting on the experience, I would have to rate the entire experience a 6 out of 10. Spanish speaking wait staff, quick service, great price, and the caldo saved this experience from falling into the 3 to 4 range.

If you enjoy caldo, I would recommend you stop on by for a quick bowl that will do your body good. However if you want carne asada tacos I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Check out my short but sweet review of my visit to Gardunos.


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  1. how r uYou need to go their for breakfast it is really good and cheap.

  2. Okay… you may be right. I love some Juevos Con Chorizo. Let’s meet up for some good breakfast this week. Let me know when you’re free.

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