Summer Camps!

Wow, what a week… I’m tired. We just got back a few hours ago from a long but great week of middle school summer camp. I should be showering, I smell like the van… camp + middle school students + 8 hour van ride = one unique smell.

My wife is crashed out, my kids are asleep… when we’re together everyone sleeps better. I love coming home to my wife and kids. I miss them a ton while away, were making plans for them to join me next year, I can’t wait.

Back to camp… this year we looked at 2nd Corinthians and the idea of being “Ambassadors to the World.” What a cool thing to share with middle schoolers the idea that they can make a difference in this world… now. Don’t you get tired of the “future of the church” comments. I know they are well meaning… but why not launch them now.

This week fits perfectly into our service project coming up. We’re starting a new service project for our middle school students this summer… 3 days of service right here at home. We’ll be setting up a base camp at our church and going out into the community to serve different ministries around town. I can’t wait.

Our camp director said an interesting thing… “Go into any church and look at the middle school ministry… if you can get an idea about the ministry going on there, then you have a pretty good idea of the pulse of the church.” Man, I hope that is true, or at least, I hope it becomes true of our church. Reaching out to our community in the name of Christ. I would love to be known for that.

Well, I’m outta here, I need to wash some of this stink off… then I’m gonna crash.


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