serve el paso

It has been a dream of mine to get some local service projects going on here locally. For the past five years I’ve been pushing and pulling people to get involved in service across the border in Juarez and in Tijauna, and we have a yearly trip now in place for our high school students… I would love to get some work going overseas, but that’s another story.

So now that service across the border is in place, we’re finally getting to serve here locally. It’s funny how sometimes it takes a little waiting to do something. I wish it would be instinct for the members of our church to just go out and find a need and serve, but for some reason it doesn’t work that way… how do we get that to happen?

Anyway, so our first “serve el paso” 3 day 3 night “trip” is gonna happen next week. We’re using the church building as a base camp. We’re setting up tents, we’re gonna have a campfire, smores, the whole bit. We’re even setting up an outdoor shower using a hose to wash with. Our goal is to make it as much like a trip without all the expense of a trip or the hassle of driving hundreds of miles.

We have three main service projects; Child Crisis Center, Rescue Mission, and trash detail along one of our major streets in town. At the CCC we’re gonna do some yard work, provide lunch for the kids, and then hang around and play with the kids. At the RM we will do work around the facility and then serve lunch to the stranded and homeless people that are staying at the mission. And lastly, we’ll be cleaning up the street which is near one of the highschools near the church.

I’m really excited about this, because we’re doing this with our middle school students. I really believe, getting back to my comment earlier about wishing it was part of our instinct… that if we want to have adults that serve, see a need and do something to meet that need, then we need to start now instilling that idea into middle schoolers heads. We probably need to start earlier, but I’ve been given the middle schoolers, so we’re starting there.

I’m looking forward to a great 3 days of service… and a ton of fun.


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