Track One

Back from camp… almost getting back to normal. Had to make a run to the eastside so I decided to take my friend to a restraurant I had visited a couple years back. A local establishment you’ll have to visit when you come to town. This wonderful opportunity allows me another chance to share with you the great eating establishments in my neck of the woods.

Yeah we have our share of those franchise places too, but nothing beats a good meal from a local restraurant.

You can see from the picture that the restraurant is actually inside two train cars… there actually might be three, but you kinda get turned around once you’re in the place.

This is off the beaten path, so you could go along time, 6 years for me, before I even knew it existed. However once you go, or anyone for that matter, you go back, and if you’re close by you go back often. We had to wait about 15 minutes when we got there and we just beat the rush. Once we got to our seats, old train car bench seats, service was quick.

I wanted a burger and opening up the menu I spotted something that sounded great… the Sicilian Burger. A 1/2 pound of beef smothered in Italian sauce and mozzarella cheese. A long with the burger you get a plate full of fries that are season just right… however if you eat the burger you won’t be able to finish the fries.

The burger was great… cooked just right. The patty wasn’t one of those pre-formed things either. Someone took the time to make this thing. It was messy too, not greasy, but great with all the Italian sauce and cheese. The wait staff was kind enough to bring some wetwipes to make sure we left as clean as when we came in.

I didn’t mention the chips and salsa. Chips were great and they were big… and salsa was hot, but not ruin the rest of your meal cause you can’t feel your tongue kind of hot… but just hot enough to let you know it was there.

Top this meal off with monster 32 ounce cups filled with Dr. Pepper and the meal was a complete joy.

And lastly, the wait staff who so considerately brought us the moist towelettes… they were great too. Stopped and talked with you like they had known you for years. Smiling, laughing, having a great time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here… good company and good fun. I would recommend you stop on by and enjoy a great meal from Track One. My buddy had a Chicken Quesadilla, he liked his meal too… but was envious of the size of my burger.


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