And the rains came down…

Wow, what a week we had last week…

Last Tuesday it began to rain… and it kept raining and raining. Our city filled up. We had more rain than we had seen in at least 50 years. I loved it… I miss the Oregon rains. At the same time I felt horrible for the many people who were affected by the huge amounts of water running off the mountains. Many of the roads in our city turned into rivers. Homes were destroyed as the water filled them up like swimming pools. The holding pools overflowed and sent water into backyards and businesses. Amazingly only one person died from this mess and that was because a person lost their brakes in the water and hit him. This is a picture of a brand new Block Buster video store. The water came down the road opposite the store and basically washed all the water out from underneath the foundation. The back side of the building sank into the hole and the roof collapsed. There is a house behind the building that filled with water and was completely destroyed.

Here you can see what happens when your yard fills up with water. The walls were meant to keep people out not keep water in. This one example of many homes that dealt with the water flowing off the mountain.

What happens when all the water reaches the valley? Well when it comes to water that is travelling down through the storm pipes… at least in this quantity… it shoots into the sky. These pipes have never seen this much water and the water had no where to go but up. To the right of this picture is all under water. This geyser continued to shoot into the air for hours.

There are a lot more pictures to share, but this should be a good enough example of what we experienced last week.

We’re now about all dried out and back to normal… a bit more humid than usual, but it’s all good.


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