serve el paso… 2

We had a great 3 days running all over the city serving. It has been a hope of mine to get something like this started. With the rain storm that hung around for a number of days, we had to rearrange some of our plans… for example the rescue mission we were going to go serve at was evacuted the day we were supposed to go serve lunch. But all it took was a bit of juggling and everything worked out great.

We had 6 middle school students and 3 sponsors including myself. I was also excited, because one of my graduates served as our girls sponsor. She did great… I loved to see her interact with the middle school girls. It was great.

We were able to serve at the child crisis center helping clean up their playground which was full of weeds and sand from the flooding. We then went around to the different fire department and gave them coffee and told them how much we appreciated their help in our city. We did a little work around our church building… helping the secretary arrange the different storage closets. And lastly we served lunch at the rescue mission.

Our kids were amazed that they could have fun while serving… and that they could go a few days without their cell phones and gameboys.

With the rain/flooding that we had during our time, other opportunities arose because the houses in the area were flooded out.

Each evening we spent time looking at the story of the Good Samaritan, and in the morning we had quiet time with God. This was for many of them their first experience having a quiet time. It was great to see them talking to God and looking at his Word.

The weekend was a complete success. We learned some things and we’re looking forward to adding some regularly schedule service opportunities to our calendar.


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