Goodbye Dr. Pepper, Goodbye Taco Cabana!

If you know me very well, you know that I love the movie “Fletch.” You know when you’re talking with someone who truely appreciates the quality of this movie, because the one-liners flow with amazing ease.

Just recently I made a visit to the doctor and thought of my favorite movie and the particular scene above… There are a handful of one-liners in this scene alone… do you know any?

My visit to the doctor did not involve a proctologist… thank God. However since it had been approximately 12 years since my last visit to the doctor, it seemed appropriate that I go and get a check up.

As we were wrapping up the small talk and the, breath deep, breath deep again… the doctor says, I think I’m gonna do and EKG. Which immediately set off the alarm bells in my wife’s head. My wife is a RN of 5 years and soon to be a Family Nurse Practitioner… if any one has had a spouse in the medical field, it is a mixed blessing… great to have around, but they think they or someone around them has every disease in the book. That’s for another post.

Anyway we get the EKG and it comes back abnormal… now the bells are really ringing. Off to the cardiologist I go… but not before getting my blood drawn the next morning… which by the way the young lady accidently pulled the needle out while switching vials and left me with a nice bruise.

So off we go to the cardiologist… 5 days later, so my wife has had plenty of time to stress. Another EKG and the doctor says no problem your heart is fine… but your blood work is another story.

To finish this before it gets too much longer… My chloresteral is too high… My triglycerides are too high, way too high, and my glucose levels are too high.

So good and bad news… Good news, my heart is good… bad news… diet is a changing from here on out.

The doc says I have 4 months to bring them all down or he’s gonna put me on drugs to do it. So it’s time to stop pretending I’m young and start eating like I’m getting older… part of me thinks this really bites… the other part of me looks forward to getting healthier.

I have atleast one more visit to the cardiologist. He wants a EKG under stress. I was adopted so we have no medical history on me… so he wants to get a better idea of what my heart looks like. And then I get to go back to my now what seems to be regular doctor to get a chewing out about my weight, diet, and lifestyle… yipee.

Goodbye Dr. Pepper. Goodbye Taco Cabana. I’ll miss you!


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