A strange thing happens here in the southwest when it rains. And we’ve had our share of rain over the past month. A special little frog called the New Mexican Spaded Toad emerges from deep in the earth. He’s been down their waiting sometimes for months at a time dormant waiting for rains.

He’s waiting for enough water to build up so that he can climb out, find a nice puddle of water, find a nice looking female toad, and make some baby toads.

Well lastnight as I took the garbage out, like a good husband, and I almost stepped on this little guy. Now the amazing thing about this type of toad is the speed at which it goes from tadpole to frog. They only have as long as the water lasts in that mud puddle. From an egg to tadpole is about a day and then within a week or two he is a frog and off he goes. Amazing to me.

Anyway this guys short week of life about ended under my foot lastnight.

So I threw him in my sons bug catcher and saved him for the morning examination. My kids were very excited and wanted to hold him, poke him, and play with him. Instead of tormenting the little guy, we decided to let him go in the backyard to take care of the many mosquitos and flies that have emerged along with the rains.

Maybe we’ll see him again next year.


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