Do I miss Starbucks?

It has been a long time since I enjoyed the lovely taste of a venti java chip frappuccino. About a month ago I started to eat healthier. I have to admit up front it wasn’t my idea at all. I rather enjoyed my daily visit to starbucks or other restaurant. I even began rating my visits to different establishments here.

However after my visit to the doctor all that changed. I have now spent the last 4 weeks eating healthier and have actually stuck to my routine at the gym. My hope is that this time it will really stick.

The results have been great. I have more energy. I sleep better and I have managed to knock 21 pounds out (about 29 more to go… if I live up to my deal with the Doc).

As I made my rounds today I found this article about my long time favorite drink at starbucks, the java chip frap. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest my lovely drink has 650 calories. A month ago, I would have read that and though what’s the big deal, but listen to how they describe this lovely drink… it is like having a McDonald’s coffee with 29 packets of sugar and 11 creamers… now that makes the impact hit a little harder in my eyes.

29 packets of sugar… and now I’m here drinking coffee with some of that fake stuff… I can’t imagine drinking anything with 29 packets of sugar.

Oh how times have changed… if you want to read some more you can find the article here in the New York Times.

Happy Drinking!


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  1. MCD’s coffee is aweful.
    Starbucks in no comparison.

    I about 3 hours from a Starbucks and man oh man, I miss it.
    I want a Venti Triple Shot Carmel Breve Latte.

    Thank for stopping by my blog.
    Love for you comment anytime.
    I enjoyed reading your blog too.
    Keep up the great work and GOd bless you as you serve Him.

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