How About Some Math

I recently attended a workshop in Dallas where I was exposed to this equation…
P – (C x 2A) = U
“P” is the population of your city. You probably have a rough idea of how many people live in your city so this one shouldn’t be too difficult. Around 800,000 for my city.

“C” is the number of churches in your city. This one may take you some more time. I went through the yellow pages for my city and counted 518. One problem here is that many churches have a number of listings under different headings… so your number might be a bit high.

“A” is the attendance in the churches. Now this one is pretty impossible to figure out. For one reason, I’m not gonna call 518 churches. Another reason, most people lie about okay that sounds a bit ugly, exaggerate about how many people attend because is it attendance or membership. So we’ll look at the average attendance in US churches. I’ve heard as high as 85 people per church is the average. Just to make sure we’re on the safe side we’ll say 100 is the average. But to be really sure, we’ll double it… that’s why the “2” is there. So let’s say there is 200 people in attendance at every church in your city on average. We all know this is unlikely but hey we’ll be generous.

“U” equals the unreached people in your city… so let’s work it out for my area.

800,000 – (518 x 200) = U
U = 696,400

I am amazed by this number. Now I know someone out there with a math degree can probably find a flaw… but look at that… even if we said all the churches had 400 people in attendance that’s still nearly 600,000 people that don’t know Jesus. We need to get busy.

“The harvest is plenty” statement that Jesus mentions takes on a new meaning when I look at that number.

What does your city look like? What do we need to do about it? What are you doing?

A side note… if we could work together… if every person talked to 7 people about Jesus, committed to talking to seven people in the next 6 months (I know why 6 months?) then everyone in the city would hear about Jesus. And I think people would say, hey something is going on here… Betsy just talked to me about Jesus, Oh yeah, Fred talked to me, really how strange Bob was talking to Frank just yesterday.


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  1. interesting…that really shows how many lost people there are and really indicts the church in regards to what we are doing about it.

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