Our First Campout

Growing up in Oregon we spent at least a couple weeks a year out in the mountains camping. It was our family vacation time. We would hike, camp and fish. I loved it. I knew that my kids would experience camping too.

Well we took our first trip this past weekend.

Me and the kids gave mom the night off and headed to the Franklin Mountains for a night in the “wilderness.” I wasn’t sure how they would do, this is the first night I had them all to my self. They did great.

We got to put our old coleman stove to the test too. Grilled cheese sandwiches, hot cocoa, and bacon and eggs for breakfast. I love the smell of breakfast while camping. Smores weren’t the hit that we thought they would be, but they did try them… we’ll have to give it a go another day.

The next day we took a hike and saw a turantula a funky red and black grass hopper, lots of butterflies and a fossil that they are sure was the world’s smallest dinosaur.

It’s nice to get away and spend some time away from all the stuff the we fill our lives with. It was nice for our kids to have a great time away from all the stuff that is in their lives already. No TV, no noise, except for all the crickets.

The great part is it doesn’t really take a three hour trip to get away. We drove about 15 minutes. Ofcourse to the kids it could have been four hours. They couldn’t see the lights, there were no outlets or toilets.

Taking a small bit of initiative and getting away, to a place out of the ordinary allowed for some true peace and quiet. We’re making plans for another trip away. I can’t wait.


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