Open your big mouth and shove your foot on in…

So it was one of those days…

Caleb and I were at the zoo today with his pre-school class and I’m trying to make some conversation with a new (we met them at Caleb’s birthday party) friend’s mom. At the party our new friends invited us to celebrate their mom’s surprise birthday party this Friday, only I was just barely paying attention to the conversation (it was mainly Anne talking with them, I was on present patrol).

So I’m at the zoo with Caleb and his little friend and the grandma (surprise party grandma) and I’m explaining how I know her daughter (we met at Caleb’s bday) and how it was great meeting them… and mention, “don’t you have a birthday soon too?”

And ofcourse just as it’s leaving my mouth a small thought races through my head that I think I remember this might be a surprise party… and quickly try to change the subject to the next logical thing that pops into my head… “so where were you born?”

What the heck?

You see it makes some sense to me… because at our party for Caleb we had talked about the fact that she was from Mexico and teaching her grand daugther spanish and… but now I thinking she’s thinking, “oh great a frigg’n racist jerk has a son in my grand daughter’s class, asking me where I was born.” Well after that… I don’t much remember anything… I shut my mouth and went and looked at the donkey.

So my hope is that she completely forgets this interaction by Friday night… well, I hope she forgot it as soon as I walked away.

As with most things… it is I’m sure not as bad as it feels… and after wasting precious internet space explaining it… I’m sure it’s not. Anyway… until next time.


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  1. Ahhh open mouth, insert foot!.. Yes athletes mouth, or fungus lips…We all have those days… LOL…

  2. KC,

    You are right… we all do. I wish I had less of those days.

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