The Results are in…

Well it has been three months since I wrote about my visit to the doctor and my high cholesteral, high glucose, high weight and a number of other things.

At that first visit the doc wanted to put me on medication to control my cholesteral. I begged, pleaded, and promised I would change my evil ways if she would give me a chance to prove myself. She said I had three months.

Today my three months were up and I had to go and let them take some blood to run the tests.

I’m proud to say I gave it my best… stopped all my visits to fastfood, drank only diet drinks, started eating cereal for breakfast, ate out only a handful of times (ate only salad), started using that fake sugar and traded in fraps for regular coffee.

That was the intake… I also started visiting the gym on a regular basis.

The results are… I’m a whole Caleb + 9 pounds lighter…. which equals 47 pounds total lost.

I’ll find out next Monday if I did enough to avoid the meds. If not I’ll beg and plead again for more time… but honestly if I lost that much and my counts are still messed up, I’m not sure what else I could do.

Regardless, I’m a smaller, feeling better kind of guy. I can hug my wife and see her face now which is good. It wasn’t that bad, but I’m a whole lot closer now. I sleep better and the only downer is I need to at some point go and get some new clothes.

Have a great night… I’m off to the gym.


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