The Move

Starting 14 years ago I truly began following Christ wherever he lead. I grew up going to church; my mom took me from birth. I went to Sunday school. I was involved in youth group. I gave my life to God at 12 and was baptized shortly after.

But at some point and for me it was somewhere in ’91 & ’92 I finally took hold of what I said I believe, what I truly thought I believed, and I started living like I believed.

Life hasn’t much been the same since. Family and friends haven’t quite understood my decisions either. Everything in my life changed so to center myself in what I believe God was calling me to be a part of.

That choice to do what I believed God was calling me to be and do took me away from family to Mexico. It then took me to El Paso, further from family, and to a place where now we (my wife and I) didn’t have any family or friends.

That was 11 years ago. 5 years ago God moved me again, not out of El Paso, but to Westside Church of Christ. I worked on staff with the youth ministry. This was a completely different ministry than what I had experienced working with Amor.

Today I find myself on the move again. The past 14 years have been amazing. Now that I’m preparing for the move, I find myself looking back over the past, and memories keep popping up, even now as I write I remember different people and experiences. God has truly blessed my life with wonderful people, experiences, and faith building situations. He has never failed me.

Now, well a couple weeks from now, I’ll begin a new work. God hasn’t called us to leave El Paso this time either, which to be honest completely amazes me. I’m a Northwest boy. Green grass (without watering), fruits/vegetables growing (without labor), tree everywhere, rivers, lakes, real fish. To think that I would spend more time here… I okay with it now. I’m excited about what God is moving us to.

Paseo Christian Church is a new church plant in El Paso. I have the great honor of being a part of it. I am so excited to be a part of a movement, not just one church. We will be a part of a movement that will reach many different people in the El Paso area and I’m excited. I made a post in May on another blog wanting to find a ministry where God was working, where people’s lives were being changed, where the church was engaging culture and transforming it, and after finding it, joining in on the work.

That’s what I’m doing… I believe I have found what I was looking for and I’m gonna dive in. Paseo Christian Church will make a difference in this community, because I believe God is driving it… and I believe he will work through it. God has never failed me in the past, I believe with all my heart that this will be another amazing ride as I choose one more time to follow where God leads!

Pray for us, my marriage, my life, my family, the whole Paseo team. Satan will be on the attack. He doesn’t want to give up any ground. Pray for the lost; that their hearts will be soft. Pray for the lost; that they will seek out truth and find it at Paseo. Pray for us; that we will seek out the lost and offer then hope in a might God. Pray for us; that we’ll get out of God’s way when we need to. Pray that we will bring glory to Him through the humble, feeble attempts that we make to advance His kingdom here.

I’ll post more later about my roles, what’s happening, and how you can help.


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