A Blank Sheet

If you were given a blank sheet and told to imagine, create, design the church, what would you write, draw, imagine?

What are the things that you feel are missing? What are the things that you think are considered too important, hold too much power or influence that need to be let go? What should church be like? What should it do? What shouldn’t it be? What does it look like?

This is where we are with paseo. It is a very exciting time. To think that God has given us the opportunity to influence generations of followers by what we do is definately an overwhelming thought, but an extremely exciting venture.

One way that has helped me imagine is to look at what I want my children to experience. What do I want them to understand church to be? Is it a building? Is it somewhere we go? Going to the church is something we have talked with Abby about over the past few months. So how do we create the environment where church is not a place, a building?

Growing up “going” to church makes that task difficult for me even though I know the church is not a place. The fact that church is where you are is hard to get our heads around after so many years of the previous focus.

We’ve got a white sheet. For some strange and yet amazing reason God has allowed us the awesome opportunity to shape the picture of what church will look like for this next generation of Christ followers.


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  1. yeah its really weird to think about establishing what the church you are at is goin to look, and act like. usually you have to inherit all of that in a ministry setting.

  2. Hey Chris…. what are some of those things you wouldn’t want to inherit. What would you want to make sure was a part of your church culture?

  3. well traditions that are they do just becuause they have always done it (camps, trips etc), a sensitivity about some sort of doctrinal issue that handcuffs me (women’s role, instruments, baptism), and finally parents that will struggle with me about who is in charge. How bout u?

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