Extreme Makeover : Office Addition

At some point this year, I spent a week or two re-doing my office at Westside. So with my move to Paseo, I’ll be out one office (No worries, the move is worth much more than an office.)

Part of being in a church plant is the building, or better, the lack of one. This isn’t a negative either. We don’t have a huge monthly bill to pay for a building that is only used a few days a week. We can instead spend that money on the community (which is part of my responsibility).

So my garage is being made over. At least part of it. I’ve spent the last week, making an expanded laundry room/office for dad. I’ve had help too. My kids are always out there handing me stuff, hammer stuff, playing with stuff. Johnny helped with the floor. Chris helped move the attic ladder. Oscar (and his truck) hauled some drywall. Anne holding up drywall. Randall and the texture sprayer.

Last night I got the texture done and installed the door. Paint is and flooring complete… now I’m anxiously awaiting the electrician.

Steve: “I can do it, no problem.”
Anne: “Call the electrician.”

And off I go to call… I still think I could have done it.

Anne is very excited, cause I’ll be able to move all my books and “stuff” from my Westside office to my new office in the garage instead of living at the dining room table (which is where some of my “stuff” has already landed).


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  1. hey u need to show the after pictures of ur new office

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