Good soil…

Change brings with it new experiences, thoughts, ideas, insights, fears, joys, all sorts of stuff… stuff I probably don’t even realize yet. Another thing it brings is opportunity to think… not that I didn’t think before, but with starting a church we get to look at things and say, should we do this, or this, is this okay, or if we did this what would happen?

I love the Gospel of Mark and I’ve been thinking about the soils and seeds passages in chapter 4.

Mostly I’ve been thinking about the condition of the different soils… at one of our Paseo: Homes we talked about where the church with a little “c” messed up… why people are attracted to Jesus but not the church with a little “c”. Since that we’ve met, I’ve been thinking about the soils and what causes the different conditions of the soils. Why one is fertile and receives the seed and grows while another is hard and infertile and the seed doesn’t have a chance.

Is there something that I do that can cause the soil to lean more toward the fertile side or to the infertile side?

I think that I have, wait a minute, I KNOW I have done things in my life that didn’t portray the church of Jesus in a good light. Did my actions in those bad times harden the soil of some onlookers? Did my actions during my more faithful days till up the soil and prepare it for a seed?

Do I give myself too much credit to affect the condition of another’s heart?

Christ gave us a mission… he passed the torch to us to continue the ministry of reconciliation… can we blow it?

I feel like I have sometimes.

Right after that passage about the soils, there is another story about a farmer who scattered seed and it came up even though he didn’t know how.

I think this happens… well I know it does. Sometimes I’m amazed at what’s going on… God is working causing growth. He’s calling people to himself… we see signs, but not sure how it happens.

In that passage the farmer tosses the seed and harvests, God does the rest. Little by little; stalk… head… kernal.

And there’s even life before we get to see it… under the dirt life had begun and life is already beginning. God is working in the lives of people we haven’t even met yet.

We can’t even see the blade of grass yet, but it’s there.

What can we do to make the soil a bit better for growing?


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