A Green Thumb?

We have been playing around with the idea of planting a garden for the past few years. Anne and I love fresh tomatos right off the plant… and since changing to my new “lifestyle.” I don’t know what people call it that… it’s a freak’n diet. Lifestyle makes me feel like… well nevermind.

So we wanted to plant a garden… yeah… a garden. We have dogs, so we had to build it up… And we’ve been composting some of the lawn trimmings for the last few months getting some nasty stinking biodegration going on.

Earlier this week we started our little garden… by planting some seeds. Carrots, Tomatos, Cucumber, Squash and Green Beans.
My kids love it, and to be honest I love to do it with them… I only hope it works out. Last year we planted some of the seeds from out pumkin carvings and we had huge plants just no pumkins. We didn’t have any bees to help polinate. So this year we’ll see what happens.

We’ll keep ya posted and if you’re over sometime in the spring maybe we’ll enjoy some fresh vegetables from the garden de Jolly.


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