1. 2. 3.

1. It’s been a busy start to the month of February and it’s gonna stay that way for a while… so I took it easy today and spent some time reading. Starbucks has been a regular hang out for me in the past, but has become more so these past few weeks as I go there for internet, interaction with new people and a place to read and relax.

Today I finished up a book that I’ll probably start reading again in the next few weeks. It is called Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll. I have really enjoyed this book and it has made me think a lot. I tend to read to finish the book and often miss a lot in between the first and last page. This time around, I’ll read something it’ll get me thinking and I’ll find myself two pages down the road and not realized what I read, b/c my mind is still chewing on what it previously read… so I’ll have to go back.

The other book I’ve been reading and had hoped to finish was a book about David written by Chuck Swindoll. I have really liked this read too. There is a lot in the life of David that applies to my life right now… not that I’m gonna be a king anytime soon, but the lessons that can be learned from David and his struggles and how he responds are packed in there for me to learn from. We haven’t gotten to the adultery part of David’s life so don’t go thinking I’m learning from David’s mistake there… other than I’ll be avoiding it.

2. This past weekend we began our mass marketing in the community. We, “the paseo clan,” stuffed nearly 10,000 door hanger packets and hung nearly 8,000 all day Saturday and most of Sunday. We canvased the homes within two miles of the school where we will be meeting. If you check out that link it’ll show you the satellite view of the area… on the east side of the 375 loop is now full of houses, but Google is bit behind in updating it’s maps. We also set up most of the stage for our Sunday Gathering for the first time. We’ll be doing that again this coming weekend. We are pretty blessed to be able to have a complete set up of this quality for a church just getting off her feet. The big building with the blue roof is Jane Hambric, the k-8 school we’ll be using for our Sunday Gathering.

3. Our Garden is taking root. One week ago we planted the seeds and today as you can see we have some substantial growth. The carrots have yet to reveal themselves as have the beans. We’ll see if they make it. In another week, I’ll show ya the current growth.


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