Science Fair

We’ve just finished our first science fair project with Abby. It was a pretty fun experience and it was cool to see her be involved in the whole discovery process. Of course with Abby the project had to deal with flowers. We took water and added food coloring to it. Then stuck a flower in it to see what would happen. Twice each day we would check the flower and take a picture to see what happened. Then we talked about how the stem was like a straw and the water would go up the straw into the leaves and flower pedals.

There are some fancy words to describe all this, but we didn’t really get into that. We were more into it for the experience this year as it was voluntary for the young ones.


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  1. ahh the science fair..I have such good memories of that..I did it in my early elementary years, even won sweepstakes once (Heart Bypass). I then judged it when I got to High School (I think I did it at Green in fact). I remember at one of the schools I judged at a mom was mad because I did not give her daughter sweepstakes, I gave her first place. It was the first time she had not gotten First place. Anyways, fun times!!

  2. My son just finished his today and I get to rush it in tomorrow. Love the procrastinating so that I get to get up early to drag this thing in the school. It’s so cold here. I take a nap later.

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