I was thinking about communion today and how Jesus took simple things, common things and gave them huge significance and meaning.

Sitting down around a meal (another simple thing) Jesus took a piece of bread and a cup of wine and gave them incredible meaning. We can now look at a cracker and juice and remember a man/God who came to show us a completely different way of life. We can look at a chicklet and a shot glass of juice and think about a person who demonstrated a love to the extreme. Something tha was very common place something that everyone uses, enjoys that no one took special notice of and made into something very special with great significance.

Jesus does this with other things too. The cross… something that was maybe not so common place, but something that had a horrible less than common significance. It was a brutal form of death and torture. And Jesus takes this piece of wood, a tree, and now gives it significance. When someone looks at a cross it produces an emotion, maybe even a response of action.

Jesus does this for other things too… can you think of some? Could it be that we take some things so for granted that we can’t see the deep, beautiful, power significance of what they really are. We can probably read into things too. I think that we take for granted so much of what we have been blessed with.

The other thing I thought that is common and yet God, Jesus takes and makes special, gives significance, and wants to use as another way for people to remember and give glory and honor to Him. He takes, YOU and ME, something simple, common, unnoticed by many and wants to transform us into something beautiful, signifcant and capable of doing wonderful things for Him.

At the same time we are so incredibly capable of getting lost in the beautiful picture of what it is God is doing and has done. We argue over the liquid and bread. What kind can it be, is it wine or juice. Is it leavened bread, or crackers? Does it really matter some would say without a doubt, some say not at all.

God does amazing things with the lives of people. He transforms killers, adulterers, and liars and cheats and gossips… common and horrible things into wonderful examples of power, honor, and grace.

God help me to see with your eyes beyond the exterior and see what it is you see.


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