the garden

Well, i was getting excited to update you all on the progress of our little garden.

We actually expanded it and had about 50 flowers growing too.

We finished our outside garden area complete with compost, and steer manure for good fertilization. We watered it down and prepared the soil around it too for the flowers… so we could attract the bees to make sure that all our plants got pollenated.

So we planted everything… did a minor amount of damage but for the most part everything went smooth.

The next day we all went over to the eastside for our Paseo: Gathering and kids meeting and then came home around 5pm. When we got home we went outside to check out our newest adventure to fine hundreds of little Beagle prints all over the flowers and garden box and no plants but one… the one you see up above survived. And that is one that Abby planted at paseo two weeks ago in a dixie cup.

Figures. The ones we had planted were a month or so old. So we went to lowes and bought some full grown plants and putting off our attempts for our own plants another year.

This picture has the tomatoes… three different types. I love fresh home grown tomatoes. They taste so much better. I hope to have enough to share with the neighbors.

This picture is of three strawberry plants. I don’t even know if strawberries do well in this area, but I thought we’d give it a shot. It would be cool to be able to go out and pick some strawberries.

No green thumb this year we’re depending on lowes for the garden veggies this year!


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