To Walk Or or Not To Walk, That is…

It has almost been 5 months since I first made the decision to join this church plant adventure. It is like nothing I have ever done before and at the same time exactly like some of the decisions I have made in my past too.

Peter growing up inside the wooden sides of a boat was probably pretty comfortable out on the water… for sure he had seen his fair share of rough water. This night something besides stormy weather had him and his other fishing buddies worried. A Ghost. It’s not every day you see something let alone someone walking on the water.

You probably know the story, so I won’t go into that anymore… but have you ever thought about Peter choosing not to go out on the water?

Today I was thinking… what if I hadn’t joined this church plant? What if I stayed comfortably inside the walls of a church where I knew the people and the people knew me… my old fishing buddies. What if I stayed, what then?

Do you think Peter was mad at himself for getting out of the boat? Embarrassed that he had sank in the water? Did his buddies raz him about sinking… I know I probably would have gotten a few jabs in… and from what I can tell of the disciples they probably thought ‘He’s Crazy, what is he doing getting out of the boat.”

But after the fact was he happier that he had gotten out and sunk, or would he rather have stayed in the boat the whole time and never stepped foot on top of the water? Yeah he failed, but he got saved by Jesus!

Church planting isn’t easy. Sometimes it plain frustrating. But would I have rather stayed and never had to be saved by Jesus.

Well right now I feel like I’m still kinda walking, sometimes I feel the water on my ankles and I get nervous. I’m pretty sure at some point I’m gonna be screaming “JESUS HEEELLLLPPPPPPP!!!!”

I’m pretty sure, no, I am absolutely sure… it’s better to get out of the boat, the comfortable situation and have to be saved by Jesus than to have made it to the other side of the lake or 40 and think back, “I wonder what would have happened if…”

What about you? Do you need to take a chance and do something outside of the comfortable walls of your boat and get saved by Jesus? Are their fishing buddies saying to you… don’t be an idiot. What are you thinking?

Jesus is calling you… will you take the chance?


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