Am I Older?

Funny thing happened lastnight? I was catergorized.

I knew it was happening. My visit to the doctor in the last year and the subsequent visits which appear to be a regular occurance I’m going to need to get used to, I think. Lipitor on the horizon, more visits to the gym, a fridge full of diet drinks and grey hair in the old goat should have all been signs, but I wasn’t quite ready for it… the comment… “for an older guy…”

That’s right, I was labeled with an “older guy” comment. I couldn’t believe it.

I need to qualify it a bit… it was an attempt at a compliment… but I was just dazed a bit from the blow. I didn’t see it coming.

Is there any going back, can one become younger again? Is it worth the attempt. Should one give up at this point trying to be younger… or should I start hiking up the socks to my knees and my pants to my chest?

What is a mid 30’s guy supposed to do?

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