A first…

Being from Oregon, one of the major differences between there and here is in El Paso we don’t have all those pesky (beautiful and green mind you) trees all over the place. I miss the trees, but I have come to appreciate the forever horizon that we have in El Paso. While driving home from the Eastside on Wednesday looking off into forever I noticed a funny shaped cloud. It took a few minutes to register that I was enjoying my first tornado.

It was awesome. I was enjoying it so much that I almost ran into the tow truck in front of me at 70mph. He apparently was slowing down to enjoy the rare occurance. The news says the last time we had a tornado in the area was in 1992.

Well I was ofcourse kicking myself for not having my camera in the car so the only picture I could get was from my phone.

It made for a great day.


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  1. Here in oklahoma we see these a too much.

    Cool picture

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